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Documenting the Slattery family tree in Tipperary
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Welcome to the Slattery family tree website. It tracks the progress of the Slattery/O'Connell and Lambe/Lennon families back to the early 1800s. The Slatterys and O'Connells came mainly from Co. Tipperary, while the Lambes and Lennons hailed from counties Louth/Cavan and Monaghan. Also included on the website are some tips on finding your family roots in Ireland.

A Special Warning!

Researching your family tree can be very addictive with lots of ups and downs. It may also lead to long conversations with family members with whom you would hardly even salute before. It can also be very rewarding

One big concern I have, especially in Ireland is, pretty soon the priceless information about our families (which is not documented anywhere), will soon be lost forever. A lot of records for Ireland were destroyed especially for the 1800s. This means that the 1901 and 1911 census' are the first real records for this time period. To make use of these records you need to know who ys important that you talk to and document as much as possible of the knowledge and experiences of your older relatives. When they pass on, so too will most of the history, which is part of what we are today. In my experience the older generation love to share their memories of their youth and what was passed on to them.

Don't put it off start documenting today!!

The Life and Times of a Railwayman (Second Edition 2014)

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